Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Guess Who?

Baby Kayden

Zack, Clint, Michael, and Sandra

Grandma has a halo, and Clint obviously doesn't!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Family Reunion

The view of Camp Stoker from Port-a-Potty Hill:

This was when we first arrived, so they are still pretty clean:

Hanging out after dinner: Josh, Layne, Amy, Sandra, Emily, Grandpa, Marvin
Feeding the ducks:
The goose family
Kristen posted more on the Koyle blog.

Friday, July 3, 2009


I gave this to Grandma and Grandpa in a card yesterday From all of US!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

UPDATED Reunion Reminders

Just a reminder before we hit the waterslides next week.
You are resopnsible for bringing your own DRINKS, WATER, and CHAIR.
As well as your camping gear and tents.
Remember your FOODS ASSIGNMENTS (if you have been given one).
Don't forget each family will be requierd to participate in the evening entertainment. Have your skits, songs, stories, or whatever you can think of ready to go.
Bring any sporting equipment or games that you would like to play.
For the Crafts Ange is doing Visors, and Beads.
Grandma is bringing things to paint like last time.
Eileen is bringing things for hair flower/bows.
Feel free to bring things to go along with these crafts or other things to make.
Some of you were wondering what to plan on for Swimming Prices.
Under 3 - FREE(Must provide own swim diaper)
These are the rates they gave us for a group of 30 or more people!
~Just Swimming~
3-12 years- $3.50
Adult -$3.50
Swimming w/ Slide Pass(must be 42")
6-12 years -$7.00
Adult - $7.00
They also have a weekend pass so that you can swim and/or slide both Friday and Saturday. Normally it is $15 but I am not sure what the discount is for our group. Grandpa thought that maybe it was $13. We will just have to see when we get there.