Thursday, November 8, 2007

We Made it!

This is Lawna. Mom and I made it to Roosevelt in the dark by 10:45 last night. Everyone thought we would get lost or something, but we did pretty well. We stopped in Heber to walk around for a minute and buy some licorice. Mom put her hands on the hood of my car and stretched her legs out behind her. This guy drives up to us and says, "are you okay, it looks like you are trying to push your car??" Hahaha we were laughing. Mom said, "No, I've just been in the car for over 3 hours and had to stretch." Anyway, so he found out that we were from Idaho and he says, "my brother's mission companion is from Northern Idaho." That just made me laugh. I thought, "Only in Utah." But he was really nice and it was nice to know that someone would have helped us if we were stranded.
Now we are trying to get Robin out the door to the hospital for her induction. Hopefully, later today we will have pics of cute Adelynn to post here.


Kim and Adam said...

Whahoo!! Can't wait to see that little girl.

G & G Stoker said...

This is Granma & where are the pictures of Adalynn? I will keep checking. I know U had a long day.
Love G & G Stoker