Friday, June 27, 2008

Ok, here it is....(drumroll please)

I didn't want to give the answer but you are getting antsy. I thought we would have more takers........just not fun!

Robin was right on the nose!! Her prize is still a surprise....I think we will have one for all who participated.

It was Christmas time we were celebrating Marvin and Clint's Birthday....2005. Please note The cake, it says 37---------which means Marvin will be 40--this year!!!!!!!! Lets start planning for his Over the HILL!!

The kitchen doesn't even look the same...

Thanks for playing.


lawnajo said...

I tried to get the word out. I'm with Annette, do another one and set a deadline (like a week). It was fun.

Andersons said...

I'm a teacher too! So, I am going to expect a GREAT coming to Roosevelt and helping me with my classroom?!? Love ya!

Derek, Eileen, Makayla said...

For some reason i didn't ever get to participate. I guess i just thought that no one ever posts on this blog. Do it again. I want a prize. The last one was easy I was prego in the pic Dec 2005