Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Okay...here are your assignments--and your Invite

If your not coming please let us know by commenting....so we can make sure to assign your item.

Also, If your family members do not read the blog make sure to update them on thier item of intrest.

G'ma and G'pa-pies, jello-salad, turkey, gravy


Kevin--Cranberries, olives


Marvin-Butter, corn

Lawna--produce...LOL --some veggies

Robin?? not sure.....are you coming

Eileen--you are close enough...STUFFING w/out sausage. :)


Heather-rolls (extra's for Michael's mother)

Angela and Michael-Pies, Jello-salad

Zac-I know you can cook so surprise us with something awesome!! Do you want to make some stuffing? You need to come over again!! When I actually make dinner, I will call you. :) XOXOX this is Angela by the way.

Not sure on a time--G'ma was gonna let me know.

**Bring a wrapped white elephant if you would like to do the exchange....NO, half eaten chocolates, please!!??

Seriously, I want to do a surprise party for Marvin's 40th. I want to do it at Fat Cat's bowling.......I think there is one down in Provo so all of you wouldn't have to drive up here. If you would rather do it on clint's b-day or the day before...let me know. I want to see if I can get reservations shortly--since it is December. :)


Calton Clan said...

We will be there with jello, how many?

Andersons said...

I probably wont be there. Because, I will be showing my smile at Andersons. So, you wont have to worry about half eaten chocolates! I will also try to make it in December to the surprise party if we can work it around Corey's schedule.

lawnajo said...

Karson will probably work until noon. So if dinner is at 4 or 5pm we will be there. Karson says, "it's a month away." and it depends on which days other workers ask off. Give us an assignment and I will send it with my mom if something happens and we aren't going to be there.

Derek, Eileen, Makayla said...

does stuffing have sausage? We would love to be at the surprise party.

Zachary calton said...

and what am i to bring you know i can cook thanks grandma

Cobbley Family said...

Yahoo...Zach! Does this mean you have a blog?? :P

Cobbley Family said...

Lawna, how about some veggies? I know that makes Karson so happy!! :)