Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hop Scotch

We went to visit Grandma on Mother's Day evening.

Makayla wanted to play hopscotch. She asked Grandpa to play with her and he refused. She asked Grandma to play with her and she was very willing to do so.

*Listen to Grandpa in the background telling Grandma how to play it and laughing at her. How often do you get to play HopScotch with your Great Grandma? Makayla had a great time.


Andersons said...

That was adorable! And, not very often do great grandparents babysit a five month old and a three year old either. They are awesome!

Elder Koyle said...

This explains how her intestine got twisted :) haha jk

Cobbley Family said...

Elder Koyle....uh..nice to see you here! Hope you don't get caught! Miss your guts! :P)