Sunday, June 5, 2016

Summertime Adventures

We went to the park for lunch so the kids could play.
Whitney and Daryl walked up and said, "I think we're related to you."

then Annette, Amy, Emily, Liam, Grandma, and Tana joined us

 Later, we went to the splash pad
looks like Katie can walk on water

Carter, Collin, and Kasen

Jack, Malia, Makayla (in the background), and Collin

Jack and Kasen

Liam, Emily, and on the right edge you can see Amy reading on the bench

Tana laid there for over an hour.  I wonder how burnt she is.

The Grandmas taking a nap together

Collin, Katie, and Malia

 The next day we met at the pool.
Katie, Kasen, Cameron, Kyndal, and Collin

Jack, Cameron, Kyndal, Ange dodging Kasen's spray gun (and the back of some girl)

Kyndal, Katie, and Ange

Cam and Eileen
About the time I was getting ready to leave, Josh and Megan came with their kids.

Grandpa watched Miles who was sick


coreyandersonrn said...

Love the picture of Jack and Grandpa. Thanks Lawna!

Anderson said...

I meant to say the picture of Miles and Grandpa...thanks for keeping me straight Lawna!