Friday, December 26, 2008

Here are the pics...

Everyone waiting in the living room....for him to come.

Surprise!! You can see Marvin's friend in the background...he was willing to take him out while we got ready. Thanks Jared!

"so far, this is the oldest I have ever been" Got it in California....they now have a store here as well. Steve and Barry's.

Cute Kayden laughing at his G'pa, yep....his grandpa! tehehehe

Talking to Merv...he was so cute even though he was a little tired. what a sport!

Too cute!!

And yeah, a frog pillowcase and pillows...."now I can sleep good" LOL

it was fun, and I think he was surprised so all went well. I have pics of Christmas eve but enjoy these first...

combined they are 58 years old...

No you blow them you!


lawnajo said...

Thanks Ange! Looks like a good time, I'm sorry we missed it. Who is that standing behind the door when Marvin came it?

Cobbley Family said...

his friend Jared, the nice one not the one from Lehi. :)