Monday, December 15, 2008

ok, I need your vote

would you rather do the bowling thing or do something at G'mas like pizza and games and movies? it is a little expensive if you are paying for more than two people, although it is a good deal just a little too close to Christmas. If you will let me know by Friday...I can cancel and not have a penalty!!

Let me know your thoughts....thanks! or if someone else would like to plan it...I think it was Robin's idea to begin with. LOL


lawnajo said...

Sounds so fun to bowl. I wish there was a way that we could be there for it, we would be. That's a good deal for all the food AND bowling AND shoes.

Calton Clan said...

I talked to Wendy today and she said we could bring Miranda to the party, so plan on 7 of us. You’re doing a great job planning it. I think I am the only one that complained about the cost. Don’t worry about it we will be there and we will be eating and bowling. (I got a Christmas bonus today from work :)